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8+ Tipps | Lake Como with Kids | Best Things to Do

Discover the paradise of Lake Como!

We love Lake Como. In this blog article we share with you our personal 8+ Tipps for Your next Trip to Lake Como with Kids | Best Things to Do.

Modern Urio Lakeview from Terrace Stayhere Lakecomo
Lake Como is a fantastic playground for your next family holiday. Your children will thank you.

1. Child-Friendly Accommodations

Choose accommodations that cater to your family’s needs. Holiday homes, apartments, and charming residences often feature pools, playgrounds, and plenty of space for frolicking.


Your children will love making new friends and experiencing adventures together.

2. Beaches and Water Sports

Water Sports at Lake Como
Water Sports at Lake Como

The natural beaches of Lake Como are ideal for families. The shallow waters are perfect for paddling, while parents enjoy the breathtaking views. A pool is unnecessary when you can take advantage of the natural swimming opportunities.

3. Exploring Historical Sights

Visit the historical castles and palaces around the lake. Castello di Vezio near Varenna has its own falconry center, which will thrill children. Castello Baradello near Como offers not only history but also spectacular views.

4. Hiking and Walks

8+ Tipps | Lake Como with Kids | Best Things to Do
Your kids will be facinated by the fishes and nature at Lako Como

 Take advantage of the numerous hiking trails around Lake Como. From easy strolls to more challenging mountain paths, there’s something for everyone. The views of the lake and surrounding mountains are simply stunning.

5. Bellagio - The Jewel of Lake Como

The charming town of Bellagio is a popular destination for families. Wander through the narrow streets, enjoy ice cream by the lakeside, and explore the beautiful gardens of Villa Melzi.

6. Varenna - Romance by the Lakeshore

Varenna is another picturesque town on Lake Como. Visit Villa Monastero and stroll along the lakeside promenade. The view of the lake is simply magical.

7. Como - Take the Cable Car to New Heights

The city of Como offers a cable car and a cog railway that take you up into the mountains. Enjoy the view effortlessly and be enchanted by the beauty of nature.

8. Boat Trips on Lake Como:

Boat Trips | Lake Como with Kids | Best Things to Do
Boat Trips | Lake Como with Kids | Best Things to Do

Take a boat trip on Lake Como. The kids will love being on the water and exploring the surrounding villages. You might even discover hidden coves and secret beaches.

What makes a vacation by the lake better than a classic beach holiday?

Lake Como offers several advantages for families with children compared to a classic beach holiday. Here are some reasons why Lake Como might be more interesting for children:

1. Variety of Activities:

Lake Como offers not just beaches but also numerous other activities. Children can hike, boat, explore historical sites, and much more. It’s a varied experience that awakens the curiosity of the little ones.

2. Natural Swimming Opportunities

8+ Tipps | Familiy Vacation at Lake Como in Italy
8+ Tipps | Familiy Vacation at Lake Como in Italy

The natural beaches of Lake Como are often shallow and provide a gentle entry into the water. Here, children can safely splash and swim. There are also many pebble beaches that are interesting for children.

3. Shady Spots

The surrounding hills and trees provide shade, which is especially pleasant on hot days. Children can rest and play in the shade.

4. Cultural Experiences

Lake Como is surrounded by charming villages and historical sites. Children can explore castles, take boat trips, and learn about the local culture.

5. International Flair

Lake Como is surrounded by charming villages and historical sites. Children can explore castles, take boat trips, and learn about the local culture.

6. Hiking Opportunities

The surrounding mountains offer great hiking opportunities. Children can discover nature and enjoy the views.

Breathtaking view of a village on Lake Como

Overall, Lake Como offers a mix of nature, culture, and activities that are exciting and educational for children. It’s a place where they can not only play on the beach but also explore the world around them.

Cycling Tours with Children at Lake Como | 4 tour recommendations

We have put together some great routes for a cycling tour with children who have recently discovered the joys of cycling.

Lets start with our favorite route “Pianello del Lario to Cremia”.

Why is this our favorite biking route?

Our holiday apartment “Modern Urio” is located directly in Pianello del Lario with a fantastic view of the lake and mountains.


The apartment has a very large terrace, a spacious living room, an open kitchen, a children’s room with two beds, and a master bedroom with a small balcony offering fantastic views of the lake and mountains. This apartment also has a pool.


It is secured multiple times and is not directly accessible from the apartment. This is an excellent solution for children who have just learned to swim. Accidents can thus be avoided. The apartment is in a quiet location.


The nice thing about the “Pianello del Lario to Cremia” route for our two little children (5 and 6 years old) is that this route includes 3 cafes and bars. Ice cream for children is available at two of the three stops. In addition, the route runs directly along the lakeshore, and the closer you get to Cremia, the closer you get to the surfing hotspot on Lake Como.


There are great swimming opportunities and lots to discover, such as estuaries, sailors, surfers, and playgrounds for children. At the starting point in Pianello del Lario and at the destination in Cremia, there is a great children’s playground.

1. Pianello del Lario to Musso: 

– Distance: About 5 km

– Difficulty level: Easy

– This short route leads along the lake and offers a picturesque view of the water and surrounding mountains.


Perfect for a relaxed cycling tour with the family.


2. Pianello del Lario to Cremia: 

– Distance: About 3 km

– Difficulty level: Very easy

– This short route also runs along the lake and is ideal for small children.

You can enjoy the view and maybe even stop at one of the beaches.


3. Pianello del Lario to Dongo: 

– Distance: About 4 km

– Difficulty level: Easy

– This route takes you to the charming town of Dongo.

Along the way, you can admire the landscape and enjoy the fresh air.


4. Pianello del Lario to Rezzonico: 

– Distance: About 6 km

– Difficulty level: Easy

– This route offers a view of the historic village of Rezzonico and the lake. Perfect for a half-day excursion. 

Remember to ensure the safety of your children and choose tours according to their abilities.

Enjoy the bike tours along the beautiful Lake Como!

View on Hiking Trails at Lake Como
View on Hiking Trails at Lake Como
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