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Welcome to STAYHERE PROPERTIES – your partner for renting out your vacation property on Lake Como!

Why us?

Our experience has shown that trust is good, but control is better. As owners of vacation rentals on Lake Como that are not our primary residence, we have relied on the word of property managers – with sobering results. Our apartments have been rented out without our consent, pets have been allowed against our clear instructions and necessary repairs have been neglected or not carried out at all. Even obvious deceptions, such as allegedly defective heating systems, were reported to us. These negative experiences motivated us to create our own network of competent, reliable and trustworthy partners. With STAYHERE PROPERTIES, we take the management into our own hands and ensure that our and your properties are looked after with the utmost care and integrity.

We understand the challenges you face because we have experienced them ourselves.

As the landlord of a vacation property, you know the challenges, especially if you live abroad. We at STAYHERE PROPERTIES are aware of this and support you in successfully renting out your property. Our services include:

Our Services include

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  • Cleaning Management

    We organize professional cleanings so that your property is always in best condition.

  • Access control & video surveillance

    We make sure that only your guests enter your apartment and ensure that - if repairs are necessary - the tradesmen only enter the apartment for a certain time window.

  • Emergency support

    In the event of damage or problems, we take care of repairs and maintenance immediately.

  • Quality assurance

    In the event of damage or problems, we take care of repairs and maintenance immediately.

  • Cost reduction and optimization

    We help you to manage your expenses and tax duties efficiently in order to minimize your tax burden in Italy.

  • Heating management

    If the heating breaks down, we are on hand to solve the problem. We also provide remote monitoring and control of your radiators to reduce your energy costs.

  • Marketing and bookings

    Increase the value of your apartment and maximize its presentation with our professional home staging and tailor-made tips. Our comprehensive analysis and many years of experience with leading booking platforms such as AirBnB and enable us to achieve significantly higher occupancy rates for your property.

  • Trusted Partners

    We are proud of our extensive network of specialist partners. Each of our partners brings reliability and expertise to the table, enabling us to carry out all the work required in your property efficiently and promptly.

It's time to act!

Be a part of the family of stayhere properties!

Be a part of the family of stayhere properties!

Use the full potential of your vacation property on Lake Como! We look forward to discussing individual options with you in a personal meeting.
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